Don't dare to create sub-networks
Don't dare to create sub-networks

and the interview with the Governor, and at the same time

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Ready soon came up to where Mrs. Seagrave was sitting, and laid down the bag. "I've brought you some young cocoa-nuts, and some old ones also, from the trees that I have been cutting down."

and the interview with the Governor, and at the same time

"Oh! cocoa-nuts - I like cocoa-nuts!" cried Tommy.

and the interview with the Governor, and at the same time

"I told you, Tommy, that we should have some by and by, and they have come sooner than we thought. You are very warm, Ready."

and the interview with the Governor, and at the same time

"Yes, ma'am," replied Ready, wiping his face; "it is rather warm work, for there is no breeze in the grove to cool one. Is there anything you want from the other side of the island, for I shall go there directly after dinner?"

"I must bring the wheels to get the timber out; for I must clear it away as I go, until the path is finished. I must have William to help me."

"William will like the trip, I do not doubt. I do not recollect anything in particular that we want, Ready," replied Mrs. Seagrave. "There he comes with Juno, and I see Mr. Seagrave has laid down his spade; so Caroline, dear, take care of Albert, while I get the dinner for them."

Ready assisted Mrs. Seagrave, and the dinner was spread out on the ground, for they had not brought the chairs and tables with them to their new residence, as they thought that they could do without them till the house was built. William reported that Juno and he would have the turtle-pond complete by the next day. Mr. Seagrave had cleared sufficient ground to plant the half-sack of potatoes that they had saved, so that in a day or two they would be able to put all their strength upon the cutting and drawing of the timber.

After dinner, William and Ready set off in the boat, and, before it was dark, returned with the wheels and axle of the carriage, and several other articles to make up their load.

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